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      London's exclusive luxury fashion fabric show

      14 - 15 October 2020 ONE MARYLEBONE, LONDON, NW1 4AQ 10.00am - 5.00pm

      Impero London

      One of London’s finest luxury leather destinations, Impero London was designed and created in 2006 by London College of Fashion graduate Tilly and leather specialist, skilled tailor Mumtaz. Impero London is built on the 24 years of leather knowledge Mumtaz has inherited, alongside the 11 years Tilly has spent studying and working in London’s fashion industry. The duo’s shared appreciation of individuality and detail defines their avant-garde approach to leather tailoring. Their clothing is designed and made for those who wish to look strong, elegant and individual. The result is unimaginable creativity and exclusive leather garments of the finest quality.

      Impero London strives to re-invent their vision and collections, revisiting fashion from the past, and applying it to the present and future by mixing traditional couture techniques with unusual tailoring, embellishments, luxurious textures & leathers.They are an exclusive brand, underlined by their rich tastes and refined craftsmanship, Impero has an attractiveness that is undeniably unique.

      Their distinctive style attracts earnest support from members of Royal families, Diplomats, Oscar winning celebrities, Musicians and fashion coterie from across the globe.

      Impero London
      Tel: 0121 728 8500
      Web: imperolondon.co.uk
      Email: tilly@imperolondon.co.uk

      Contacts: Tulin Niyazi

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